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1. How to interchange HatchMatch 2.0 Tails?

HatchMatch 2.0 and HatchMatch PT2.0 has a "connect"  system in place.  To take out the tail. use "double force motion", your index finger in downwards pressure and thumb in upward pressure (90 DEGREES UP) simultaneously. The big plus with this lock system is when fighting big Stripers, Murray Cod, Pike, Musky and LMB, this tail will stay in its place. We are working on more innovative tails for glides to come in 2020-2021! Thank you for your support. 

2. How to install E9 fins?

You may use super-glue or any glue that is good for ABS resin and Soft plastic jointing.  Please read the glue warning & instruction before applying the glue.

3. Which hooks to buy for Bones Gen 2?

Please remember that the Mustad TR78NP-BN is rated as 3/0 but is equivalent to 1/0 in Owner & Gamakatsu

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