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Team Baitsanity  

John Liechty, CA - Pro Guide


Book your trip with John Liechty from Xperience Fishing Guide Service.  Our recommended Guide for Mother Lode Lakes in California! Fishing swimbaits with John is fantastic! You may or may not catch a GIANT on the first trip ~ However, the amount of swimbait knowledge you will acquire is priceless and will get you one step closer to catching a fish of a lifetime.  John has become an instrumental part of our company and fishing trips year-round.  Book today and Xperience it for yourself!
Guide John Liechty

Garrett Ellenson, WA - Pro Staff & G-Unit Series Artist


Tyson Verkaik, FL - Pro Staff 


Efren Moreno, SoCal - Pro Staff

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Daigo Kobayashi, NorCal - Pro Staff


Judd Decker, FL - Pro Staff

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Fing Moua, NorCal - Pro Staff


Carson Maxstadt, NorCal - Pro Staff


Jeremiah White, WA - Pro Staff


We are truly blessed to have such an exceptional team of Pro Staff members/ Ambassadors in our company. Their expertise, dedication, and hard work have been instrumental in driving our success and growth. We value their contributions and are grateful for their commitment to Baitsanity products.  Our pro staff members are a true asset to our small-business, and we feel fortunate to have them on our team. They have full knowledge of all of our products across  Baitsanity and have been fishing them for over 2 years or more.  We spend much time with them on and off the water,  have an open-mind, and become students of the game.  We are proud to have such a talented and dedicated team!

Please note that we are not accepting any Pro Staff applications at this time. If you feel you like to contact us, Please email us, we will save your information. With the number of emails we receive for Pro Staffs, we may not be able to reply back. Thank you so much for all of your support!

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