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Simplebait Lipless Crank SC60

Simplebait Lipless Crank SC60

A game-changing lipless crankbait, the Baitsanity Simplebait SC Lipless Crankbait is uniquely designed to float on the surface, and dive to about a foot and a half on the retrieve before suspending for the ultimate upper-water column depth control. Built with a wide profile that delivers an enticingly erratic wobble, the Simplebait SC Lipless Crank appeals to trophy bass at all depths if you add or adjust the sink rate with the Baitsanity 2x .08G Tungsten Adhesives.

The Simplebait SC Lipless Crankbait is perfectly balanced for optimal performance, and complete with premium BKK treble hooks, the Simplebait delivers sticky-sharp penetration when big fish chow down. Featuring irresistible rattling action, the Baitsanity Simplebait SC Lipless Crankbait packs all the effectiveness of a lipless crankbait into a subsurface suspending lure, adding a new tool to the arsenal of discerning anglers who understand the importance of lure innovation.