HatchMatch Paddle Tail 3.0
  • HatchMatch Paddle Tail 3.0

    Change the action of your Baitsanity Explorer Swimbait and show the fish something they have never seen before with the Baitsanity Hatch Match Paddle Tail 3.0. Featuring a boot style design, the Baitsanity Hatch Match Paddle Tail 3.0 produces a hard kicking action, while also allowing your Explorer Swimbait to maintain its natural S-shaped or Topwater action. Now anglers can combine two actions into one bait, which fish find absolutely irresistible. Super easy to install as well, it simply slides into their patent-pending ‘Bait Connect System’ so that anglers can quickly change between tails depending on the mood of the fish. Available in some amazing 100% hand-painted patterns for your Explorer, the Baitsanity Hatch Match Paddle Tail 3.0 takes the swimbaits to a whole new level.



    • Compatibility

      *Compatible with Explorer Gill Glide

      *Not compatible with Explorer Gen 2, please refer to 2.0 versions