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Explorer Gill Glide Bait
  • Explorer Gill Glide Bait

    A must-have for all big bait enthusiasts, the Baitsanity Explorer Gill Glide Bait delivers an ultra-realistic bluegill profile and an unrivaled action that big bass simply can’t resist. Molded with an anatomically correct profile and details, the Baitsanity Explorer Gill Glide Bait features a single joint construction, which generates a wide side-to-side “S” swimming action that draws the curiosity of fish and triggers ferocious strikes. It also features silicone attachments on the inside of the joints to reduce noise as it glides back and forth for a more natural presentation that will fool even the most discerning of bass. Adding to its realism, the 3D scales feature a three-level grain design, which is a progression of texturing that adds more depth to make the bait look more lifelike.

    Moving down to the back end, the Baitsanity Explorer Gill Glide Bait features a patent pending tail connection system, which allows anglers to change the stock tail out with different tail styles to create different actions or simply replace old worn-out tails to keep that bait in tip top condition. Armed with a set of premium treble hooks that are ready to chase trophy-caliber bass right out of the package, the Baitsanity Explorer Gill Glide Bait offers a deadly bluegill imitation that will help you catch your next PB.

    • Specs

      Baitsanity Length Weight Depth
      Explorer Gill 6" 2.4oz Floating
      Explorer Gill 6" 2.5oz Sinking