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Antidote TUG Swimbait
  • Antidote TUG Swimbait

    The Antidote TUG Glide Bait features Baitsanity’s premier Glide-Leap system that relies on a sliding weight to allow the bait to leap to the surface on an aggressive twitch and swim underwater on a steady retrieve. This system gives anglers the ability to target fish with explosive topwater action, or transition to a more traditional subsurface gliding motion which puts uniquely comprehensive control in the angler’s hands.


    The Baitsanity Antidote TUG Glide Bait also comes outfitted with ground-breaking auxiliary features that take it to a whole new level. Just over the premium front treble hook anglers will find a set of carbon fiber fins. Situated near the rear hook are Baitsanity’s new removable, custom Fish Knits fins that are perfect for absorbing scent and creating micro bubbles on the retrieve. The tail of the TUG is buoyant and houses a layer of carbon fiber that is carefully crafted to help the glider maintain perfect balance and slowly float toward the surface. 


    -Glide-Leap System for versatile topwater and subsurface action
    -Fish Knits fins hold scent and can be removed for washing or replacement
    -Carbon fiber pectoral fins guard against hook rash
    -3D scaling, gill rakers, mandibles, eyes, and fins
    -Buoyant tail with integrated carbon fiber for precise performance

    • Tech Specs


      Mode: A9 

      Length 8.7 inches

      Class: Slow Float 

      Weight: 4oz